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Mali, Wagner and FAMA suffer another blow in the North

Wagner and FAMA suffer another blow in Northern Mali. The JNIM attacked and allegedly captured a base in Acharan. It is the response to the operation of Russian contractors and the local army to break the MNLA siege of Timbuktu

Wagner and the Malian army (FAMA) have suffered a new blow: the jihadists of JNIM, a local branch of al Qaeda, attacked a FAMA base in Acharan (35 kilometers from Timbuktu) and, presumably, took over control. The Bamako military claims that the offensive has been rejected, but the Russian contractors themselves are doubtful, so much so as to underline that the situation is uncertain and that their sensors on the ground are carrying out some checks to better understand what the real scenario is. The attack was the response to the recent operation of the PMC and the FAMA to unblock the siege of Timbuktu by the Tuareg of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), who held the city in check, prevented the trucks of supplies to enter and had imposed Sharia law throughout the area.

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