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Mali, the MNLA declares war on Wagner in the North

The MNLA declares war on Wagner in Northern Mali. Ambushes on FAMA and Russian contractors in Bourem, between Gao and Timbuktu

The National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) has declared war on Wagner in Mali. In recent weeks, militiamen have launched a series of hit-and-run raids against local forces (FAMA) and Russian contractors in the north of the African country. The latest area to be involved in the clashes is Bourem where, following a violent complex attack by the MNLA, the forces on the ground were forced to request close air support (CAS) to break the impasse. The location is strategic, as it is located on the intersection of the roads leading on one side to Gao and Timbuktu; on the other hand, they are aiming for Niger and Algeria. Consequently, whoever controls them controls all movements in the dial.

The Tuareg group does not want Malian soldiers and Russian contractors on its territory, and is not willing to compromise

The Tuareg offensive began after Wagner contractors began to extend their influence in the area with a series of raids and with the acquisition of control of the UN mission base, MINUSMA, in Ber. The attacks, however, did not spare the local population. As a result, the militias of the National Liberation Movement of Azawad intervened to drive out those they deem “invaders”, domestic and foreign. Furthermore, compared to its enemies, the MNLA enjoys two tactical advantages: excellent knowledge of the territory and the support of the population, who hates the Malian army.

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