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Mali, a war between ISGS and JNIM broke out in the Gao region

In Mali, a war between ISGS and JNIM broke out in the Gao region. The pro-ISIS jihadists and those close to al Qaeda contain control of the territory with weapons and foreign reinforcements. Bamako does not intervene for now

In Mali there is an internal war between the ISGS and the JNIM for the control of the territory. Local sources in Sahel reveal this, underlining that the toughest clashes are taking place in the Gao area in the north of the African country and that both sides are receiving reinforcements from abroad. The conflict between pro-ISIS jihadists and those linked to al Qaeda broke out in recent days, after the IS militiamen attacked the village of Talataye on 6 September, formally in the area of ​​influence of the JNIM and the Tuareg Movement for the Salvation of the Azawad (MSA). These last two groups have responded with violent counterattacks, including in Ansongo, and which now risk spreading to the whole region. The arrival of foreign reinforcements, in fact, suggests that neither the ISGS nor the JNIM intend to stop. Bamako also responded with some air strikes in the quadrant, but for now it seems willing to intervene on the ground.

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