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Maldives, security increases in the archipelago after the Isis attack

The security alarm is growing in the Maldives after the Isis attack which saw three tourists stabbed in Hulhumale. As investigations continue, NSC and the tourism industry are taking ad hoc measures to improve the protection of foreigners

Maldives’ security forces have increased security in the archipelago after the attack a few days ago, which caused the injury of three tourists (two Chinese and one Australian). Isis sympathizers had stabbed foreigners on the island of Hulhumale and then claimed the action with a video posted on social media. Following the event, local police arrested six people in two separate operations and started an investigation also with the collaboration of international authorities. At the same time, the National Security Council (NSC) of the Asian country met with the Big names in the tourism sector and with the ministers of Economy and Tourism, respectively Uz. Fayyaz Ismail and Ali Waheed, to discuss national precautionary measures to prevent and stop violent terrorist attacks.

From multiple mobile positions to more patrols, even in civilian clothes, in the most popular meeting places. Malé cannot afford to make mistakes in the fight against the Islamic State, on pain of serious repercussions on its economy

The working group against Isis and terrorism attacks in the Maldives firstly established to strengthen security in all the most popular areas of the archipelago. This both with fixed positions and with mobile patrols also in civilian clothes. In addition, collaboration was requested from the tourism sector so that all staff are particularly on guard and report any suspected episode or subject to the police. Finally, action and management protocols have been established in this type of emergency. In parallel, investigations continue to understand if and what threats are still present in the Asian country, as well as how to combat them quickly and effectively. At international level, in fact, there is growing concern about new possible Daesh attacks and there is a risk that the tourism industry, the nation’s leading one, may suffer heavy damage that is difficult to recover. Consequently, Malé cannot afford mistakes.

The tourism industry in the Maldives contacts the security agencies and PSCs. The risk of new Daesh attacks is real. The Islamic State has previously recruited numerous militiamen to the archipelago. So much so that there are over 150 those in prisons in Syria and Iraq

The tourism industry in the Maldives is also working in this direction. Several accommodations have already contacted security agencies, industry experts and PSCs to evaluate whether and how to improve the protection of their guests. The risk of new Isis attacks, in fact, is concrete. This is because many citizens of the Asian country have enrolled in the Islamic State in recent years. So much so that over 150 of them are detained in SDF camps in eastern Syria and others are in Iraqi prisons. Furthermore, only a few months ago, the intelligence had raised the alarm on a possible escalation of violence, given precisely by Daesh sympathizers, following the military defeat of the group and the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Moreover, the new “Caliph”, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, among his orders had given precisely that of increasing attacks against Westerners.

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