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Libya: the humanitarian situation is catastrophic, not only in Derna

The humanitarian situation in Libya is catastrophic, not only in Derna. In Cyrenaica there is a lack of drinking water and electricity, while in the deserts lakes have formed on the tracks. Meanwhile, rescue teams continue to dig to find the missing

There is a catastrophic humanitarian situation in Libya, which does not only involve Derna, but various areas of the African country and Cyrenaica in particular. In the East, many places do not have drinking water. Furthermore, there would be continuous and widespread electricity outages. Furthermore, the climatic event is complicating the operations of the rescue machine. The heavy rains together with the Daniel cyclone, in fact, have led to the creation of large natural lakes in deserted areas, where the tracks used to transport people and goods inside and outside the national territory pass. Consequently, the difficulties in transferring materials and men to the most critical areas have increased. Meanwhile, the evacuation of the flood-hit city is underway, while local volunteers and international teams continue the search for the approximately 10,000 missing. Even though days have passed since the natural disaster, there is still hope of saving lives.

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