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Libya, Syrian militiamen want to go home: rising tensions with commanders

Syrian militiamen in Libya want to go home: growing tensions with commanders. The pro-Turkish groups complain of the non-payment of wages and of being prisoners inside their camps. There is a risk of an internal war near the big cities and the emergence of new criminal gangs

Syrian militiamen in Libya want to go home. This was revealed by local sources, according to which the guerrilla groups sent by Turkey to the North African country are beginning to get seriously nervous about their commanders. In particular, the fighters – mainly from Aleppo – complain about the non-payment of wages and the poor living conditions inside the camps, which have become a sort of prison for them. In fact, they can only exit if authorized. As a result of this, several quarrels have recently erupted which are rapidly multiplying and which are increasingly violent. Analysts are concerned, as there is a risk that real internal conflicts arise – moreover near big cities like Tripoli – and that militia groups decide to “break away” from their chain of command, becoming autonomous and turning into criminal gangs to survive.

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