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Libya, Haftar’s troops retreat to Gharian. A GNA counteroffensive is coming?

The GNA forces expel Haftar’s troops from Suq Al Khamis and force them to retreat south of Tripoli. Meanwhile, they begin to tighten the circle on the east axis of the General

Khalifa Haftar’s troops lose more land south of Tripoli and are forced to retreat towards Gharian. The GNA forces chased the LNA from the bridge of Suq Al Shad, beginning to tighten the circle on the eastern axis of the General’s militias in Libya. Not surprisingly, just before the fighters of Fayez Sarraj bombed enemy positions at Suq Al Khamis, located at the other end of the area where soldiers are moving to close the Benghazi units. Within the dial, however, there is also the Mitiga international airport, used by the aerial component of the strong man of Cyrenaica for the attacks on the ground. The goal of the PC, in fact, is twofold. On one hand, cutting supply routes to the most dangerous front of the General’s offensive. On the other, gaining air superiority by reducing the operational capacity of enemy air power at the source. This, taking control of the most important airports in the region of the African country.

It seems that the soldiers of Sarraj will soon launch a maxi counteroffensive. Meanwhile, the strong man from Cyrenaica takes the Sidra and Ras Lanuf terminals in the Oil Crescent as bases and hub for logistics supplies

Furthermore, it appears that the GNA is preparing to launch a mass counter-offensive against Haftar troops in Libya. The maneuvers, according to local media reporting Tripoli’s Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha, could start as early as the week and look very aggressive. So much so that “from a defensive position, we will move on to an offensive,” stressed Bashagha. Furthermore, the minister announced that “there will be surprises” in other areas where the LNA is located, without going into details. In contrast, the General is playing every card available to try to win. The last in order of time was to “militarize” the main terminals in the Oil Crescent: Sidra and Ras Lanuf. The complaint comes from the national Oil Corporation (NOC). What the strong man from Cyrenaica is aiming for is above all access to the sea (to receive supplies) and the landing strips, from which his planes take off.

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