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Libya, GNA forces begin to close the LNA in Wadi Al Rabiyah

GNA forces launched a massive counterattack on the LNA in Wadi Al Rabiyah. The goal is to begin to close the circle on Haftar’s troops south of Tripoli

The GNA forces have counterattacked those of Khalifa Haftar, beginning the encirclement to the south of Tripoli. The assets of Fayez Sarraj have launched a massive attack against the LNA in Wadi Al Rabiyah, one of the two apices from which the circle on the Benghazi militias is closing. The other, Qasr Bin Ghazir, is already under siege, after government forces freed Tueisha. Meanwhile, air raids continue on Siti Sayeh, in the center of the enemy area. The General, on the other hand, continues to use drones and fighters to bomb the southern quadrant of the Libyan capital but does not seem to get any progress. His offensive, in fact, has stopped and the units are fighting more than anything else to maintain positions, rather than conquering new ones. The most violent clashes are recorded near the Mitiga international airport, where there seems to be a stalemate.

Sarraj flies to Rome to meet Prime Minister Conte. Objective: to obtain the support of Italy in the political-diplomatic sphere towards the international community, first of all the United States, so that a univocal position on the crisis in Libya is adopted. The General is increasingly weak even with his traditional partners

Meanwhile, Sarraj flew to Rome to meet the Italian premier, Giuseppe Conte, as part of his European tour. The objective is to obtain “concrete” support for the aggression of Haftar, which will not stop during Ramadan, as it threatened the General. The head of the PC will ask the President of the Council for support especially in the political-diplomatic sphere to leverage on the international community, first of all the United States, in order to adopt a unique position on the situation in Libya. Especially after this kind of civil war has ended, which sees the strong man of Cyrenaica increasingly in difficulty. Even with its traditional partners. They are concerned about the escalation of terrorism in Libya (ISIS), due to the maneuvers, which risks spreading to neighboring countries too. Therefore, Haftar, unless last-minute surprises, will have to return to sit at the negotiating table, but this time as a great loser.

The Libyan premier wants to oppose Haftar’s propaganda machine, illustrating the real situation linked to Libya, in view of the EU FAC of 13 May

According to Sarraj, this will be the time when Tripoli will need foreign partners the most. These will have to have a common and transparent position on the crisis, so that what happened so far will not be repeated. The EU tour will also serve to counter Haftar’s prolific propaganda machine, which is portraying a different situation than it actually is. Both inside and outside the African country. The Benghazi offensive is stalled and it is not true that Europe is almost entirely in favor of the General. The GNA, as well as from Italy, is supported by Germany (next stage of the Libyan premier’s journey), the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands. Other nations, however, have so far remained “at the window”. Sarraj, therefore, aims to increase consensus. Especially in view of the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) of 13 May in Brussels, where the heads of European diplomacies will have to finalize a new declaration on Libya.

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