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Libya, Dbeibah orders the release of Gaddafi’s intelligence chief

Dbeibah orders the release of Gaddafi’s intelligence chief. Abdullah Mansur was officially freed for health reasons. He actually needed by the GNU premier to stay in power

Abdullah Mansur, head of Muammar Gaddafi’s internal security intelligence, was released from prison following the intervention of the GNU prime minister and head of the Libyan presidential council, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah. Mansur had been in prison for nine years on charges of being responsible for the deaths and torture of several demonstrators during the 2011 civil war, at the end of which the rais was deposed. Also, when insurgents took control of Tripoli, he fled to Niger where he tried to mobilize pro-Gaddafi forces in the south. Niamey, however, decided to hand him over to the new Libyan authorities. His release does not appear accidental, even if he was officially motivated for health reasons. In all likelihood, in fact, Dbeibah wants to use Mansur to maintain power in the African country. In fact, the man still enjoys many supports both among the pro-Gaddafi tribes and clans and among the armed forces.

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