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Lebanon, LAF acquire new capabilities thanks to UNIFIL

LAF in southern Lebanon have acquired new skills thanks to a series of UNIFIL courses. Objective: to improve their operational capacity, security and safety, primarily for the population

The LAF (Lebanon Armed Forces) have acquired new skills thanks to the Italian, Republic of Korea and Malaysian military of UNIFIL. In recent days, a five-day training cycle was held at the Chewakeer training base in Tire on various subjects. All relevant to the mandate of the UN force. From the latest patrolling techniques to hand-on-hand combat, passing through first aid courses. All with both theoretical workshops and practical activities on the ground. About 70 elements of the Lebanese Armed Forces participated. Objective: to develop their crucial and general tactical skills. This is not only to better manage a possible crisis, but also to be able to operate in greater  security and safety during daily work. Both towards the population and themselves.

Humanitarian demining also resumes after 10 years of stop, thanks to an agreement between the UN force and the Beirut soldiers

Training, in fact, is a crucial part – together with other activities – of UNIFIL’s mission in southern Lebanon. It is no coincidence that in 2019 the UN force carried out or coordinated more or less 1,800 initiatives in the field of training for the capacity building of LAF. In addition, it has signed agreements with local soldiers to improve the living conditions for the population in the area. The latest of these is a Memorandum of Understanding on humanitarian cooperation, linked to demining. The activity, in fact, falls within the mandate of Resolution 1701 but had been suspended since 2010 for security reasons and over 40 million square meters of land still remain to be cleaned up. Thanks to the MoU now, the 1,060 square kilometer strip of land between the Litani River and the Blue Line will be able to start sieving again.

The UNIFIL’s targeted training for the LAF

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