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Lebanon, Israel reports threat escalation along the Blue Line

Israel reports threat escalation along the Blue Line. The IDF at the three-party summit with UNIFIL and LAF: Hostile forces and arms trafficking increase. Hezbollah uses drones for reconnaissance missions in the Jewish state

Israel denounces the increase in arms trafficking and the presence of hostile forces on the border with Lebanon. The occasion was the usual trilateral summit between ID, FUNIFIL and the LAF, held in Rosh Hanikra, during which the escalation along the Blue Line was reported. The Jewish state military has stressed that hostile activities are escalating in the area and that the main threat comes from Hezbollah, despite its influence in the Land of the Cedars having suffered a backlash following the last parliamentary elections. The attacks and infiltration attempts from Lebanon to Israel, albeit sporadic, continue and are getting better. Recently, in fact, the militiamen have begun to use drones for reconnaissance missions along the borders. The last one was shot down inside Israeli territory just a few days ago.

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