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Isis uses Coronavirus for propaganda, but it is a double-edged sword

Isis uses Coronavirus for propaganda. Messages on the fact that New China Virus is “Allah’s punishment for the infidels” are multiplying on Islamic State’s social media channels. The leaders of the group, however, are not currently expose on the issue

Isis uses Coronavirus as a propaganda element. In social media there is a boom in messages, linked to the New China Virus epidemic, exchanged and relaunched by Islamic State sympathizers. In particular, it is stressed that what is happening all over the world is the punishment of Allah for the infidels. So far, however, there has been no stance on the official Daesh channels or propaganda organs. In support of the thesis, Sura 27 of the Koran is cited, the An-Naml (the ants). Instead, at least so far, no official position has been taken by the Daesh leaders on the issue. In fact, there are no traces of the claims on the group’s main propaganda bodies. This is despite the fact that the posts on COVID-19 are multiplying in the IS supporters’ channels. A sign that, unlike in the past, jihadists are no longer able to carry out a “choral” and coordinated propaganda policy.

COVID-19, in fact, is a double-edged sword. The virus has already arrived in the Middle East, killing two people in Iran and could also extend to Iraq. In this case, the Daesh jihadists risk being ideal victims

Moreover, Coronavirus has also officially arrived in the Middle East and has already caused two victims in Iran. Consequently, given the proximity between the two countries and the continuous flow of people who cross borders every day, it cannot be excluded that soon it will extend to Iraq as well. In the hypothesis, ironically, the most likely to be infected by the New China Virus would be the Isis militiamen. These often live in very bad sanitation and do not have access to the medicines and treatments provided by large infrastructures. In this case, how would the Islamic State propaganda move? Is anyone affected by COVID-19 inside Daesh a victim or “infidels” too?

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