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Isis, new details on al-Baghdadi’s death. Decisive contributions from Iraq and Kurds

New details emerge about the death of al-Baghdadi. Iraq created a cell dedicated to tracing the leader Isis a year ago and the decisive information to discover the hiding place came from a former Islamic State militia, who became an informer for the Kurds

New details on the operation that led to the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS leader, in Syria. Iraq, which provided the United States valuable information on the location of the proclaimed Islamic State Caliph, traced its movements for a year. This thanks to a dedicated national intelligence team, which was exclusively responsible for following his tracks. They were joined by the 007 Kurds, who communicated to the US some information deemed “vital” for the organization of the raid. It seems, in fact, that a former Daesh member has become an informant and that the operation was born as a result of some information provided last summer, which turned out to be “solid”. On the other hand, finally, the SDF participated in the blitz in which the number two of IS, Hassan al-Muhajir, died in the village of Ain al-Baydah, near Jarablus (Manbij). Moreover, contemporary to that in Idlib.

Other elements confirm the links between Daesh and Al Qaeda: the self-proclaimed Caliph was hiding in the compound of Abu Mohammad Salama, head of Haras al Din

Further elements also confirm the links between Isis and al Qaeda, despite the sympathizers of this last group celebrating the death of the leader of the Islamic State. In fact, Al-Baghdadi and his personal Isis guard were hiding in the Abu Mohammad Salama compound. This is the commander of Haras al Din, part of the network founded by Osama bin Laden with links to elements of Turkish intelligence. The figure adds to the fact that the “Caliph” was in an area where rival formation traditionally predominates thanks to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). Therefore, it would have been impossible to pass and stay unnoticed, unless agreements between the parties. Finally, a curious fact comes from the fact that Daesh sympathizers do not seem to have given too much weight to the loss. In the social media channels, apart from some initial comments, the normal flow of communications and propaganda has been resumed.

Meanwhile, the US is returning 500 soldiers to Syria. Formally to protect the oil wells in Deir Ezzor, but in reality to counter the probable Isis revenge. The name of Abdullah Qardash is used for the new leadership. Rita Katz from SITE, however, remembers that the news published by Amaq was a hoax

Meanwhile, the US has surprisingly sent back some 500 soldiers to eastern Syria. Formally to protect the oil infrastructure in Deir Ezzor, but actually expecting possible revenge by Isis. Two convoys entered the country from Iraqi Kurdistan, via the Semalka pass. It is likely, in fact, that the Islamic State will soon organize campaigns of attacks to avenge the death of Al-Baghdadi. At the moment everything is stopped, waiting for Daesh to announce who the new “Caliph” will be. Then, in all probability, there will be reprisals. Some media speculate that the designated leader is the former Iraqi army officer, Abdullah Qardash. Rita Kats, head of the SITE analysts, however, warns: Attention, the original news, appeared a month ago on Amaq, is false.

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