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Isis is hunted in Iraq and Syria with its own tactics

In Iraq and Syria Isis is hunted with its own tactics. Small groups of special forces move in the shadows to avoid being detected by the enemy. They operate in an isolated position and act quickly thanks to population reports

Iraq and Syria have adopted the same tactic as ISIS to hunt down militia cells. The regular forces, in addition to large-scale operations, have deployed special forces that deal with neutralizing the Islamic State’s most threatening threats by moving in small groups in the shade to avoid being detected by the enemy. These are units each with its area of ​​operations and objectives. They move more easily on the ground than large contingents and are able to intervene very quickly, even at short notice, to neutralize the Daesh jihadists, with different specialties available, useful for various tasks and scenarios. They coordinate with intelligence, but operate in “isolated positions” and move on the reports of the local population. Once the objective is acquired, they move on to the next one.

In Iraq there are the Falcon Cell in Mosul, the Second Command for Special Operations in Kirkuk and the Third Brigade of the Badr Organization (The Lions of Amrli), which operates on the border with Syria. The common goal is to eliminate the Islamic State cells

In Iraq there is the Falcon Cell, which operates north in the area of ​​Mosul. This, however, has just killed six Isis militiamen in al-Ayadiya. In the east, on the other hand, the Second Army Special Operations Command operates. It is a unit of the Golden Division, which moves along the Kirkuk director and has just arrested two elements of the Islamic State. To the west, finally, is the Third Brigade of the Badr Organization (The Lions of Amrli), active on the border between Iraq and Syria. They are the commandos of the PMF Shiite militias (People’s Mobilization Forces). Their job is to stop the infiltration of Daesh jihadists from the neighboring country, along with army units present at Anbar.

In Syria, in Deir Ezzor, the Daesh militiamen are hunted by the HAT/YAT of the SDF of Jazeera Storm and by the Sand Hippos

In Syria, most special operations are concentrated between Raqqa and Deir Ezzor. Here, too, the goal is to dismantle Isis cells before they can make attacks. Especially after the Islamic State turned into guerrilla warfare and began to target the population. The SDF HAT/YAT operate in the region, supported by the structures of the Coalition. They move along the Euphrates and up to the border with Syria in search of militiamen. They are joined by the Sand Hippos, a mysterious group that in recent months has caused many problems to Daesh, attacking the jihadists from within their lines of defense. Compared to all the other commandos, the formation is totally autonomous even if in some cases it has been coordinated with the leaders of Jazeera Storm.

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