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Isis enemies on the web are growing, especially between ethical hackers

Now Isis has to confront against three powerful groups of hackers: Mallu Cyber Soldiers join online war after Di5s3nSi0N and DaeshGram

Isis enemies on the web are growing. After muslim group Di5s3nSi0N and iraqi DaeshGram, another team of ethical hackers have compromitted Islamic State websites. Their name is Mallu Cyber Soldiers and they’re from India, Kerala. The team, who usually fight Pakistan on the web, this time put his attention to jihadists. And the result is that they leaked cyber details of ISIS terrorists, operating from India. As a test dose, on Thursday, they released the information on a Kashimir-based man, and vowed to publish the entire list on Republic Day In particular, they released the details of Facebook, phone, call, message history, other important log reports and device ID of the terrorist and announced that more details would be released on Friday.

Indian hackers released leaked informations on Daesh elements in the country. That for “patriotic feeling of being in mother India”

In a post on their official Facebook page, Mallu Cyber Soldiers wrote: “We sincerely thank all the national and international social media and channels who helped us relentlessly in making our mission a success. We produced to the public the potos, call records, messages, email, facebook details likewise the device ID used by the around 50 people including the ISIS terrorist who worked against the national security and the soldiers of India. It’s not the political war and the religious battle. Its just patriotic feeling of being in mother India, by pledging the oath that the nation is the ultimate truth and goal of every true Indian. Here by we wish the most happy Republic Day regards to all fellow Indians”. In a short time, people involved in online fight against Daesh have shared on social media the messages on the hacker group, with details of Islamic State elements discovered.

The official Mallu Cyber Soldiers Facebook page

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