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ISIS, dozens of militiamen arrested by the ISF in Abi Saida

Dozens of ISIS militants were arrested by the ISF in a maxi raid on Abi Saida, as part of the fourth phase of the Heroes of Iraq operation in Diyala. Kurds also participate in maneuvers against the Islamic State

The fourth phase of the anti-Isis operation, Heroes of Iraq, is already beginning to bear fruit even though it has just begun. Troops from the ISF 2nd Brigade Rapid Response Division carried out a maxi raid in the Abi Saida district of Diyala. The toll has been of many Islamic State militants arrested, at least 10 hideouts discovered and a large amount of explosives seized and destroyed. The maneuvers, however, are coordinated with the anti-terrorist forces in Kurdistan (in particular with the TSG in Sulaymaniyah). The Peshmerga, in fact, cooperate with the ICTS, sealing the local borders to prevent the jihadists from attempting to flee to the northeast.

Daesh, meanwhile, tries not to lose space online by publishing posters of pure propaganda. Jihadists, already in a crisis of recruitment, cannot afford to give up their only megaphone

Meanwhile, Isis is spreading propaganda content on the web related to Iraq. A poster appeared on Quraysh read “soon in Baghdad”. It’s the latest in a long series recently put online by Islamic State specialists. Obviously, the threat is totally without foundation, but the purpose is another. Don’t lose the Internet space acquired over the years. Daesh leaders are concerned that the ISF’s and Inherent Resolve’s campaigns, as well as the growing military defeats, are undermining support for the group. Not only in the territories involved, but also and above all internationally. As a result, they work to maintain a permanent and active online presence in order to try to preserve the global follower base. The network, in fact, is the megaphone to keep them together and cultivate them. Consequently, it should not be turned off at any cost.

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