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Isis, double Heroes of Iraq offensive in Mosul and Diyala

New Heroes of Iraq offensive against Isis: simultaneous raid on Mosul and Diyala. In short, however, the ISF will launch new targeted maneuvers against the Islamic State, based on some lessons learned

Double ISF offensive against Isis in Mosul and Diyala. Anti-terrorist forces from Operation Heroes of Iraq arrested three prominent Islamic State figures in two simultaneous raids. No details were given on their identity or role. It is known, however, that they are key figures linked to the terrorist cells. According to local sources, their capture is only the first step in a more complex anti-Daesh maneuver, which will continue in the coming days with the support of Inherent Resolve. The military leaders of Baghdad, in fact, announced that they had discovered what the current organization of IS is in the Middle Eastern country and the modus operandi of the jihadists. As confirmation of this, the ICTS captured 22 militants in July alone and cleaned over 250 villages in Diyala, in an area of ​​17,000 square kilometers.

Iraqi soldiers also attack Daesh groups operating in Kirkuk, on the border with Kurdistan

In parallel, the ISF have also engaged in an offensive against Isis in the Kirkuk area. It is no coincidence that in recent days there has been a violent battle between Iraqi soldiers and an Islamic State group in Wadi Al-Shay, solved thanks to the intervention of the fighters of Inherent Resolve. The toll has been of many jihadists killed and many others injured. The soldiers launched a series of targeted raids, after intelligence confirmed that some groups of Daesh militiamen were present in the dial. These sought to extend their influence along the Kurdistan border with attacks on civilians and various crimes, used to finance and terrorize the local population. In fact, the villagers had repeatedly denounced their presence and asked the military for help.

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