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Isis chased out of Bahrah. SDF at Deir Ezzor are heading further south

The SDF have defeated Isis at Bahrah and the militants fled further south at Deir Ezzor

Isis was chased out of Bahrah. At the end the efforts of the SDF in the Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) operation, supported by the air fighters of the International Coalition, were rewarded. The Daesh militants have been defeated and the ones that were not captured or killed, have abandoned the area quickly to flee in the direction of Hajin e Sha’fah. The fugitives of the Islamic State, moreover, have abandoned in the city great quantities of munitions, discovered and confiscated by Syrian fighters. At present the city is being cleared of mines and explosive traps, placed by jihadists. In parallel, the Kurdish-led forces are heading further south in the province of Deir Ezzor. The next objective is to liberate Hajin, and then head towards Sha’fah and reach the Iraq border. Finally, the maneuvers will move to the north east where there is the last great concentration of militants in the country.

A huge blow for the Islamic State, which had tried to defend the city at all costs

For Isis the loss of Bahrah was a real blow. Indeed, the city was strenuously defended by Daesh, whose militants employed their best resource to contrast the enemy: car bombs SBVIED). With these they managed to keep the Syrian fighters away, but then they ran out and the Islamic State in the area was unable to build more. Moreover, the SDF continued to maintain a constant pressing on the jihadists, with the complicity of the Inherent Resolve air-raids. The latter, moreover, also managed to stop the flow of reinforcements Isis received from the south of the province of Deir Ezzor. As a consequence, the terrorists were isolated and with very little resources. As a matter of fact, in a short time they lost great part of Bahrah and fled to the countryside in the south. And in the end, the defenses collapsed and the city was liberated.

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