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Iraq, wave of arrests in third phase of Operation Victory Will against Isis

Isis, losing several prominent figures following ISF blitzes between Diyala and Nineveh, tries to react with waves of attacks. The Iraqi security forces, however, manage to repel them and increase the pressure

Isis tries in vain to react to the Iraqi offensive in Diyala and Nineveh with hit and run attacks. The last was against an ISF checkpoint in the Jalawla district, but was rejected. A few hours earlier in Qaratappa there had been a bomb attack by the Islamic State against a military outpost. The wave of aggression occurs a few days after the capture of an excellent Daesh leader: one of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s closest collaborators. The confirmation was given, moreover, by the Minister of Defense of the Middle Eastern country. His identity was not revealed, but it was announced that the capture took place in Heet in the province of Anbar. Moreover, a little while ago the militants also lost one of their photographers, arrested in Mosul. This was responsible for taking pictures of the attacks and posting them on social media channels close to IS.

The arrests and blitzes between Diyala and Nineveh are part of the third phase of Operation Victory Will against Daesh, in which the SDF from Syria also participate

The wave of key ISIS key arrests in Iraq and maneuvers to eliminate militia cells between Diyala and Nineveh are part of the third phase of Operation Victory Will. The objective is to prevent the Islamic State from controlling the routes that connect Nineveh to Kirkuk, Baghdad and Salahuddin. In addition, the Iraqi government aims to dismantle the tunnels and neutralize the facilitators to inhibit Daesh operational capabilities. Against IS, in fact, a large military deployment has been engaged and the activities are coordinated with the Shiite militias and the Kurdish Peshmerga. The latter together with the ISF launched simultaneous operations in various locations in Diyala. The offensive, although held in Iraq, also involves Syria. In fact, Jazeera Storm’s SDF have tightened vigilance on the borders between the two countries at Deir Ezzor, to prevent the militants from escaping or receiving reinforcements.

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