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Iraq, Victory Will’s fifth phase targets ISIS infrastructure towards Saudi Arabia

The fifth phase of Operation Victory Will against Isis in Iraq goes live. ISF target the infrastructure of the Islamic State in Karbala and Najaf, on the border with Saudi Arabia

Fifth phase of Operation Victory Will against Isis gets underway in Iraq. ISF have already destroyed a series of infrastructures used by theIslamic State militia between Karbala and Najaf, on the border with Saudi Arabia: a network of tunnels and some dens. In addition, several Daesh jihadists who were hiding in the area were arrested. Their capture allowed Baghdad’s forces to acquire important information, which will be useful for the continuation of the maneuvers. Moreover, these are held in cooperation and coordination with Riyadh. So much so that the Kingdom has sent reinforcements to the border to prevent IS elements, fleeing from the ISF, from trying to infiltrate the nation. At the same time, air-satellite monitoring of the area was increased, also thanks to partnerships with various international allies. For precautionary reasons, however, Baghdad has decided to disengage pro-Iranian militia PMF from maneuvering towards the Saudi border.

In Diyala other maneuvers against Daesh cells have begun. The IS militants retaliate with a multiple bomb attack in Baghdad

Meanwhile, another operation to dismantle Isis cells and their logistics networks has begun in Diyala. In the past few hours, the ISF have destroyed five shelters of the Islamic State in the area and arrested a dozen militiamen in the districts of Mandali, Khanaqin and Nada. Daesh’s response to the operations was a violent attack in Baghdad, which caused about ten wounded among the population. The capital was, in fact, shaken by a series of violent explosions from the north and south. Two bombs are detonated on one side of the road in Hal al-Alam and in the district of al-Shurta al-Rabi’a. Another in al-Sha’b and the fourth in Bab al-Sheikh. It is IS revenge for Victory Will and the other maneuvers that are tracking down terrorists across the country.

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