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Iraq, Victory Will destroys ten Isis command centers in Anbar

The ISF destroy ten Isis command and control centers in Anbar, during the fourth phase of Operation Victory Will. Objective: to prevent the militants of the Islamic State from fleeing to Syria and close them in a limited area, in view of the final attack

The ISF have destroyed ten Isis command centers in the province of Anbar on the border with Syria. Victory Will operation soldiers, following intelligence information, launched a simultaneous offensive to target Islamic State structures, dismantled within hours. In parallel, as soon as the fourth phase of the maneuvers began, the Jazeera Storm’s SDF strengthened the vigilance at Deir Ezzor along the borders with Iraq to prevent the militants from crossing to escape. The objective today is to close and isolate the Daesh jihadists in a limited area, so as to launch the final attack to eliminate them permanently. Baghdad’s troops also operated on Nineveh, Salahuddin and Diyala. Then, they concentrated on Anbar, where there is a large fundamentalist resistance pocket, escaped from the battlefields of the neighboring country.

Further anti-Daesh operations are underway in other Iraqi provinces. In addition, the jihadists lose a large network of caves and tunnels southwest of Erbil

Anti-ISIS operations, however, are also proceeding in other areas of Iraq, albeit on a smaller scale. The ISF, in fact, are sifting through different provinces in search of the Islamic State cells, scattered in the Middle Eastern country. In addition, Baghdad troops point to networks of facilitators and facilities to reduce Daesh’s operational capacity. The militants are trying to react with different attacks, both against the security forces and against the population. The last occurred a few hours ago in Kirkuk and caused several deaths and injuries. First there had been an attempted blitz by jihadists against the PMF Shiite militias in the Khanaqin district of Diyala. In Qaraj, instead, (sub-district of Makhmour southwest of Erbil) IS has lost a large network of caves and tunnels. This was bombed and destroyed by a safe distance.

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