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Iraq, the US reacts to Iran’s attacks on bases with arrests among PMF

The United States reacts to Iranian attacks against their military bases in Iraq with targeted arrests among the PMF. Naseer al-Obeidi, leader of a local militia affiliated with Hashd al-Shaab, has been captured. He would be involved in the raid in Ain al-Assad

The US reacts to attacks against their military bases in Iraq, which Washington believes is the work of Iran, with targeted arrests in Anbar. According to local sources, a commando landed in the area of ​​Jubba, about 190 kilometers northwest of Baghdad, and captured Naseer al-Obeidi. The man is the leader of a local militia, affiliated with the Shia paramilitary forces Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF), and would be involved in the bombing of the Ain al-Assad airbase, the largest in the entire Middle Eastern country. The structure is strategic not only for internal anti-ISIS operations and in Syria. But also to monitor the entire region, with a particular focus on Iran. Not surprisingly, after the attack, the United States sent a maxi column of reinforcements from Jordan to increase its security. There is talk of over 500 vehicles.

Meanwhile, the ISF are targeting Isis in Diyala and Salahuddin. A network of tunnels near Lake Hamrin was destroyed and several Daesh militiamen lost their lives in Qarat Jog

Meanwhile, the Iraqi army continues the offensive against Isis between Diyala and Salahuddin. In the first region, ISF fighters destroyed a network of tunnels used by the Islamic State near Lake Hamrin. Several militiamen died in the strikes. In Qarat Jog, on the other hand, the military has targeted a group of jihadists with missiles. The attack took place in two stages. In the first phase some Daesh elements were killed. Then, when their comrades tried to evacuate the bodies, the batteries of the Baghdad soldiers intervened again, also eliminating the second gathering. Meanwhile, some units are heading quickly to Mosul. This is because there are some terrorists who, wearing military uniforms, attacked a village 25 kilometers south of the former capital of IS in the Middle Eastern country.

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