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Iraq, the third phase of Operation Victory Will against Isis starts

The third phase of Operation Victory Will against Isis is started in Iraq. The maneuvers are concentrated in Diyala and Mosul and, in addition to the militants of the Islamic State, they also target the tunnels and the facilitators

ISF are dismantling the Isis tunnel network in Diyala and Nineveh as part of the third phase of Operation Victory Will. In the past few hours, Iraqi forces have carried out a blitz in the province, killing four militants of the Islamic State and bringing down an underground conduit in the Kelal valley. The PMF, on the other hand, have reclaimed 147 villages in Diyala and Mosul, destroying 17 Daesh laboratories used to manufacture handmade bombs (IEDs), two tunnels and four tank trucks used by the militia to smuggle oil. Finally, almost 50 jihadists have been captured during the maneuvers, which began only three days ago and which until now have mainly been concentrated in the districts of Khanaqin and Jalawla, as well as south of the former IS capital in the nation.

Baghdad against Daesh engages a large array of soldiers, in addition to the PMF and the Kurdish Peshmerga. Jazeera Storm’s SDF, on the other hand, guard the borders between Iraq and Syria at Deir Ezzor

The goal of the third phase of Victory Will is to prevent Isis from controlling the routes that connect Nineveh to Kirkuk, Baghdad and Salahuddin. Furthermore, the Iraqi government aims to dismantle the tunnel networks and neutralize the facilitators, in order to block the flow of resources and funds to the Islamic State in the Middle Eastern country, inhibiting its operational capabilities. Moreover, against the Daesh militiamen, a large array of soldiers was engaged and the activities are coordinated with the Shiite militias and Kurdish  Peshmergas. The latter launched simultaneous operations in Kolajo and other locations in Diyala together with the ISF. The maneuvers, although held in Iraq, also involve Syria. In fact, Jazeera Storm’s SDF have tightened vigilance on the borders between the two countries at Deir Ezzor, to prevent the militants from escaping or receiving reinforcements.

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