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Iraq, the Peshmerga fight Isis on two axes: military and humanitarian

The Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq are fighting Isis on two axes: military and humanitarian. On the first, a maxi-operation in Garmiyan to dismantle the Islamic State cells has just begun

The Peshmerga in Iraq are increasing their efforts against Isis on two fronts: military and humanitarian. On the first one, in the past few hours a new maxi operation against the Islamic State cells has just begun. In particular, Kurdish fighters are concentrating their efforts in the Garmiyan area. A large group of Daesh jihadists, who recently made several attacks on both the military and the population even with fake checkpoints along the main roads, are believed to be hiding here. The maneuvers began in Dawda, between Kifri and the Tuz district in Salahuddin. Then they moved to the Kalar and Chamchamal valleys. The provisional toll is for dozens of militiamen killed during the clashes, but the efforts have not yet ended.

A large camp is under construction in Nineveh, where Iraqi Daesh foreign fighters and their families from Al-Hol in Syria will be transferred. There is talk of about 31,000 people

In the humanitarian field, the Peshmerga accepted the Syrian SDF’s request for help on the presence of thousands of Isis foreign fighters and their families in their camps. As a result, construction of a maxi-center began in the province of Nineveh. This, once ready, should welcome the Iraqi jihadists of the Islamic State, currently detained in al-Hol. According to several sources, these should be around 31,000 in total. The structure, currently 50% completed, will accommodate 4,000 tents. Sufficient to transfer the Daesh militiamen and their close relatives. In parallel, efforts are also being made to establish adequate security and surveillance measures. The risk, in fact, is that IS cells attempt to free their mates, as has happened several times in the neighbouring country.

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