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Iraq, the Peshmerga dismantle an important Islamic State cell in Erbil

The Peshmerga dismantle an important Islamic State cell in Erbil. Pro-ISIS jihadists sent weapons across the country. Furthermore, they planned attacks on Baghdad and Kurdistan. The leaders of the group are fugitives

The Peshmerga have blocked a strategic cell of the Islamic State in Erbil. This was announced by the Kurdish premier, Masrour Barzani, underlining that it was a very important operation. The pro-ISIS jihadists were members of Wilayat North-Baghdad. They were busy buying weapons and equipment to send to other groups in the Iraqi capital and other areas of the Middle Eastern country. In addition, they planned violent attacks across the nation. These, in fact, were behind, among other things, the suicide attack in Baghdad on July 19, 3032 and were preparing similar actions in Kurdistan. Cell members have already begun to confess, allowing Kurdish forces to discover that there are still some prominent IS fugitives. Among these, a terrorist named Saif Amir who operates in the Iraqi capital and the leader of the group himself: Muhammed Sha’baan.

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