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Iraq, the manhunt against the Isis leaders and militiamen is under way

The large-scale manhunt against the Isis leaders and militias is ongoing in Iraq. An attempt by the Islamic State to infiltrate the Baiji refinery has been blocked

The manhunt of the Isis leaders and militiamen has begun in Iraq to definitively dismantle the formation. Baghdad security forces (ISF) and intelligence (INIS) have launched a series of operations in the north and west of the country to neutralize elements of the Islamic State, which posed a security threat. In recent hours, in fact, a plan by the Daesh militiamen to infiltrate the oil refinery in Baiji, the largest in the Middle Eastern country, has been foiled. In addition, searches are being carried out in many cities across the country. These began after the arrest of two senior IS leaders: the Emir of the Battles and former head of the Tal Afar militia police forces: Abu Abdulaziz. It is not clear whether the two commanders began to confess or whether the maneuvers were born thanks to the documentation found in their possession.

The SDF continue to extradite the Daesh foreign fighters from Syria to Iraq. Meanwhile, the confirmation that the Caliphate is dead comes from the jihadists’ wives

Meanwhile, in Syria, the SDF have handed out ISIS foreign fighters to the ISF, over 100 members of the group. According to Baghdad, these are only Iraqi militiamen, but some government sources say that among them there are also 14 French jihadists. In recent days, Jazeera Storm had extradited other elements of the Islamic State in the neighboring country, after having definitively defeated the formation in Baghuz Fawqani. The confirmation that Daesh died in the region comes from the same foreign wives of terrorists. These, held in a special wing of the al-Hawl refugee camp in Deir Ezzor, affirm that the dream of the Caliphate is over and they ask to be repatriated in order to raise their children. At the same time, however, they often show no sign of repentance. Rather. Some of them even come to incite terrorist attacks in the West against civilians.

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