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Iraq, the lioness Bayan Osman chases the Islamic State from Kidir Jijia

The lioness Bayan Osman chases the Islamic State from Kidir Jijia. The woman and her family defended the village from an attack by 30 pro-ISIS militiamen. She has lost three of her six children, but she does not give up and is ready to defeat them again

Bayan Osman is a woman from Kidir Jijia, near the mountain of Qarachogh (southwest of Erbil), nicknamed the “lioness” (Shera Zhin in Kurdish). Together with her family last week, he defended her village tooth and nail from her village from a maxi-attack by the Islamic State. About 30 pro-ISIS jihadists surrounded the town and broke into it, shooting anyone in range. The toll was two Peshmerga and three civilians killed by the militiamen. The latter are three of the six sons of the “lioness”. The terrorists aimed to raid the village’s resources, but did not expect an organized reaction from civilians. It is no coincidence that they were forced to flee after a violent firefight. The lioness knows they will come back and waits for them. She is not afraid to sacrifice both her life and that of her other children to protect her “her home”.

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