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Iraq, the Islamic State loses five leaders in a single day

The Islamic State in Iraq loses five leaders in a single day. They were captured as part of the “Solid Will” operation. The former Isis jihadists risk suffering heavy damage, following the information in the possession of the commanders

The Islamic State has lost five important leaders in Iraq in a single day. The jihadists were arrested by the ISF as part of the second phase of the “Solid Will” operation still underway throughout the Middle Eastern country. Two operated within Diwan al-Jund in Kirkuk governorate. As many were members of the “College of Justice” in Nineveh and the fifth, called Abo Ibrahim, operated in the Baghdad area. The maneuvers underway in the central and western area of ​​the nation are creating serious difficulties for the operations of the former Isis militiamen, in particular in Kirkuk, Salahuddin, Karbala and Anbar, but not only. Furthermore, the capture of the five leaders risks doing the terrorists a great deal of damage. This was because the commanders were aware of details of how the group reorganized between Iraq and Syria after its military defeat. As a result, they could provide the “enemy” with valuable elements.

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