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Iraq, the ISF target the ISIS logistics network in Anbar and Nineveh

New ISF offensive against the Isis logistics and support network in Nineveh and Anbar. Eight jihadists and an Islamic State leader captured in the two Iraqi provinces

New ISF offensive against Isis in northern and western Iraq. The soldiers arrested eight Islamic State militiamen in two separate operations in the Mosul area of ​​Nineveh province. The first group, consisting of three elements, was captured in the village of Al-Arej. These specialized in espionage and propaganda. The rest, however, were taken on the road between the former Daesh capital and Baghdad. Two of them were part of the so-called “police” (Al-Hisba) and three worked in the jihadist recruitment office. In addition, an IS leader was arrested in the Haditha district of Anbar, at the head of an important cell, which was responsible for transferring the militiamen from Syria into the country. These, after crossing the Qaim pass, are sorted into various locations (especially in the north east) to strengthen the ranks of the groups already present in the area.

Baghdad also tries to prevent new infiltrations of Daesh militiamen by sending reinforcements to Qaim and the border with northeastern Syria

Not surprisingly, the ISF have just sent reinforcements to Qaim itself to strengthen security and surveillance on the border with Syria in an anti-ISIS key. The goal is to block the infiltration of the Islamic State from the neighboring country, to reduce the operational capacity of the jihadists in the country. In fact, following the increased pressure by the SDF and Inherent Resolve, they are trying to create a safe escape corridor towards Iraq. Their preferred access points are in the north west, in the province of Nineveh and in Qaim in Anbar. However, intelligence has warned that Daesh plans to move en masse. As a result, Baghdad had to rush to cover quickly, hitting where it can and trying to prevent further danger. Especially at a time when the climate is very tense, despite the recent appointment of a new prime minister.

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