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Iraq, the ISF react to ISIS attacks during the protests

The ISF in Iraq react to ISIS attacks during the protests: a series of operations is underway. In Kirkuk two Islamic State commanders and their bodyguards have been killed

ISF in Iraq react to the Isis bombing campaign during anti-government protests with a series of targeted operations. In Kirkuk, local security forces killed two leaders of the Islamic State. Baghdad special forces, thanks to information provided by the Falcon cell, have identified jihadist commanders in a village in the Riyadh area. In the past few days a reconnaissance mission was carried out to verify the actual presence of the two in the place and the security measures adopted. Subsequently, there was the raid during which Daesh leaders lost their lives, along with their bodyguards. Moreover, the search of the hiding place allowed the intelligence to acquire documents judged to be of interest to understand the IS network in the quadrant. Here, in fact, the militants are trying to re-organize and then extend their influence in the Middle Eastern country.

Other maneuvers in progress from Mosul to the Hamrin mountains, passing through Salahuddin and Anbar. Objective: dismantle the Daesh cells that plan attacks

In Mosul, instead, the ISF arrested one of the commanders of the Isis Islamic police. The Islamic State high profile element was captured in the district of al-Quds, in the eastern area of ​​the former Daesh capital in Iraq. The man was hiding among the population so as not to be identified. But it was the local civilians themselves who betrayed him, revealing to security forces who he was and where he lived. As in the case of Kirkuk, a quick reconnaissance was carried out and then the raid was triggered. Finally, other operations took place in the Hamrin mountains, in Salahuddin and in Anbar. In all cases the soldiers dismantled militia cells that planned attacks against the military and the population. Some groups aimed to hit the faithful in mosques in particular.

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