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Iraq, the ISF press Isis in Makhmour and on Mount Qarachugh

The fifth phase of the anti-ISIS Victory Will operation in Iraq at this time is focusing at Makhmour. Objective: to eliminate the militants of the Islamic State hidden on Mount Qarachugh, after escaping from Syria

The fifth phase of the anti-ISIS Victory Will operation in Iraq at this time is concentrating in Makhmour, southeast of Erbil. ISF fighters carried out several bombings on shelters of the Islamic State, one of which was on Mount Qarachugh. Here, in fact, according to the intelligence of Baghdad, about 150 Daesh militiamen arrived recently, coming from Syria after the Turkish offensive allowed the liberation of more than a thousand IS jihadists from the SDF prisons in the northeast. The strikes caused the death of numerous terrorists, responsible for attacks against security forces and the population in the quadrant. Moreover, even the Kurdish Peshmerga have participated in the maneuvers, belt the territory in their area of ​​responsibility, to avoid that there were attempts of escape during the aerial offensive. Finally, a network of tunnels used by the fundamentalists in the mountains of Al-Ghara was destroyed in Hawija.

Meanwhile, the US envoy, James Jeffrey, takes stock with Baghdad and Erbil on the fight against Daesh. Current operations in Iraq are discussed and new ones are planned

Meanwhile, US special envoy for the international anti-ISIS coalition, Ambassador James Jeffrey, has completed a mission to Iraq to coordinate ongoing operations. The diplomat, also special envoy for Syria, first met with the political and military leaders of Baghdad. Then he did the same with the Kurdish ones in Erbil. Objective: to better coordinate the maneuvers in progress against the Islamic State and to plan new ones for the near future. From Victory Will to that of Peshmerga. This is to maximize their results and the effectiveness of Inherent Resolve’s participation. The assets of the Coalition, in fact, provide close air support (CAS) to the troops on the ground. In addition, they bomb Daesh workstations based on information provided by local intelligence and various sensors.

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