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Iraq, the ISF-Peshmerga Joint Brigade could soon become a reality

The ISF-Peshmerga Joint Brigade could soon become a reality. The biggest obstacle to the operativity of the anti-ISIS force is the lack of a budget. A solution is being discussed in Baghdad. It could break the deadlock

The anti-Islamic State Joint Brigade between the Iraqi ISF and the Kurdish Peshmerga could soon become a reality. A high-level delegation from Kurdistan flew to Baghdad for talks. The group will meet with the Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army and the Chief of the Joint Operations Command to discuss closer cooperation between Erbil and Baghdad in their efforts against pro-ISIS jihadists and in particular the steps necessary for the Joint Brigade to become operational. The biggest obstacle is the lack of a budget for the force, a subject complicated by the serious political crisis that the Middle Eastern country is experiencing. Local sources, however, say that an alternative solution may have been found, which would at least temporarily resolve the dispute. The parties will discuss the details and, if the right balance is found, the works for the creation of the brigade could undergo a sudden acceleration.

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