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Iraq, the ISF launch the Sixth Victory Leaders campaign

The ISF in Iraq launch the Sixth Victory Leaders campaign. Objective: to restore the fleet of vehicles and weapons within 2 months to maintain maximum operational efficiency against the pro-ISIS jihadists. Already 3,500 pieces repaired

It’s called Sixth Victory Leaders and it’s a new campaign, just presented by the Iraqi army. The goal is to restore the fleet of vehicles and weapons of the armed force within two months, in order to significantly increase the operational capacity against the former ISIS jihadists and pro-Iran militias. Over 1,5000 vehicles and tanks, as well as 2,000 pieces of weapons and equipment have already been repaired so far. On the occasion, a local production line for the Hummers was announced, which will be ready as soon as possible in order to allow the military to gain confidence and send them to the operational units. Repair activities will complement the production of new systems and spare parts. The idea is to create stocks on site so as to be able to quickly carry out any repairs, without having to wait for them to arrive from abroad, thus maintaining the equipment in maximum efficiency.

Photo Credits: ISF

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