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Iraq, the ISF launch new anti-ISIS offensive north of Ramadi

New anti-ISIS offensive north of Ramadi in Anbar. ISF are on the hunt for a large Islamic State resistance pocket, forced by Operation Victory Will flee from the border with Syria to Lake Tharthar

The ISF have launched a new operation against ISIS north of Ramadi, in the province of Anbar. The Iraqi military and the Shiite al-Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF) militias are looking for a large Islamic State militia resistance pocket in the areas surrounding Lake Tharthar. The Jazeera operations command, the Seventh Police emergency brigade, the PMF and the Baghdad army aviation participate in the maneuvers. Moreover, the contingent can also count on immediate support to receive reinforcements or supplies. This thanks to the proximity to the Samarra airport, which will allow to send resources directly to the field. The offensive, which has no expiration date, was born following the fourth phase of Operation Victory Will, which drove the Daesh jihadists from the territory on the border with Syria and forced them to fall back to the east, inside of the middle east country.

Small-scale maneuvers continue to dismantle Daesh cells in the rest of Iraq

Meanwhile, parallel operations continue on a smaller scale to find ISIS cells and their infrastructure in the rest of Iraq. In Mosul, intelligence from the Middle Eastern country killed nine militants of the Islamic State, who were hiding in a secret tunnel in the village of al-Sahaji. Four others were arrested in the former Daesh capital. The group was composed of a member of the IS (al-Hisbah) religious police, while the others were members of the Diwan al-Jund. Finally, other raids took place in Samarra, Kirkuk, Diyala and Salahuddin. All areas clad up during the previous phases of Victory Will, within which however a jihadist presence remained, albeit fragmented. The objective is to interrupt the campaign of  bomb attacks that terrorists have begun to carry out in several regions of Iraq, above all to the detriment of the population, and to prevent the group from reorganizing itself.

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