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Iraq, the ISF kill Isis’ “Man in Black” in Kirkuk and aides

The Islamic State loses one of its top leader in Kitkuk: The Man in Black (aka Black Robe), killed by ISF in disctrict of Dibs

Isis in Iraq loses another of its top leaders. It was called “Black Robe” (aka the Man in Black) and was killed by the ISF in the district of Dibs, in the province of Kirkuk. It has been reported by several local sources. The Daesh commander was in a house with six of his lieutenants when the Baghdad security forces stormed the building. The man and some aides lost their life during the shootout. He was the head of a very active Islamic State cell, which had carried out numerous attacks. Both in the city and in the area. In fact, a map of targets to hit was found in his pockets. His death causes serious damage to the jihadists in the area, as it paralyzes the activities of dormant cells in Kirkuk and in the quadrant.

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