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Iraq, the ISF foil an Isis maxi bomb attack against Arbaeen pilgrims

The ISF have foiled a maxi bomb attack that Isis planned against Shiite pilgrims. These were headed to Karbala for the Arbateen. 750 kilos of explosives seized

The ISF have foiled a major ISIS attack on Shiite pilgrims south of Baghdad. The Iraqi security forces intervened with a blitz in an agricultural area, discovering 20 bags of explosives (TNT) for a total of about 750 kilos, belonging to an Islamic State cell. This, according to local sources, was intended to hit the pilgrims who are preparing to go to Karbala for Arbaeen, the celebrations that commemorate the anniversary of Imam Hussein’s death and which will begin on 19 October. The Daesh attack could have had catastrophic consequences, as over three million people are expected to arrive in the city. The jihadists, however, had already struck recently in Karbala. in recent days a bomb exploded inside a minibus, killing a dozen people and injuring others.

Meanwhile, blitz targeting Islamic cells continues in Iraq. Furthermore, preparations for the sixth phase of the anti-Daesh operation Victory Will are almost complete

Meanwhile, blitz targeting ISIS cells is underway in various areas of Iraq. Militiamen of the Islamic State were arrested in Ramadi and Mosul. Furthermore, a VBIED attack on Ba’aj was foiled. At the same time, preparations continue for the sixth phase of the anti-Daesh Victory Will operation, which should begin shortly. There are not details on the area involved and the forces that will participate in the maneuvers. It is certain, however, that the goal will be to further tighten the circle on IS jihadists, already hit hard in the previous phases of the offensive. From Anbar to Nineveh, passing through Salahuddin and Diyala. These have targeted not only terrorists, but also infrastructures and networks of supporters. This is to weaken their operational capacity and thus reduce attacks, especially against the population.

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