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Iraq, the ISF find the Mosul’s Islamic State treasure

The ISF find the Mosul’s Islamic State treasure, it was buried in a house in the western area. It contained millions of dollars and dinars, kilos of silver and other materials. Hard blow for IS

The ISF have discovered the treasure of the Islamic State in the Nineveh governorate. There are dollars (1.5 million) and Iraqi dinars (17 million), as well as silver in bulk (for a total weight of 15 kilos), which would have been used to mint coins of the militiamen, and in ingots (17.5 kilos), more varied metallic material sent immediately to the experts for identification. The treasure was hidden in a building on the west side of Mosul. In particular, it was buried in what must have looked like a house, blending in with the other residential buildings in the area. This, on the other hand, during IS’s rule in the Iraqi region, was considered the group’s “Ministry of Finance”. According to the spokesman for the Baghdad army, Yehia Rasool, among the money found there are also various values ​​stolen by the jihadists from the population. The find represents a severe blow to the terrorists in the quadrant, who lose an important source of funding for their survival.

The uncovered treasure is relative to that of 500 million seized in 2019, but it was essential for IS militiamen in the region as an “emergency fund”. It was no coincidence that it was buried and the leaders were aware of it

The Treasury found by the ISF in Mosul is of relative size, compared to that of 500 million dollars, seized in February 2019 by the Baghdad intelligence. But for the jihadists of the Islamic State in Nineveh it was important. In all likelihood, it represented an emergency fund, from which to draw in case of need. It was no coincidence that it was buried and not in the immediate availability of the jihadists. Furthermore, its existence was known to IS leaders in the Iraqi province. By the way, in fact, it is not excluded that it was discovered following wiretapping or confessions of arrested militiamen.

Photo Credits: ISF

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