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Iraq, the ISF eliminate two Islamic State militiamen near Makhmour

The ISF eliminate two Islamic State militiamen near Makhmour. The raid was triggered by input from the local population and is part of the new offensive against pro-ISIS jihadists in the region, in collaboration with the Peshmerga

The ISF killed two Islamic State militiamen in the city of Gwer near Makhmour. The raid was organized on input from the local population, who had seen several pro-ISIS jihadists in the quadrant in the previous days. The Peshmerga have also moved, as the area is located on the border with Iraqi Kurdistan and it was feared that the terrorists could try to cross the border to escape. The operation is part of a new offensive that Baghdad has recently launched against IS and which has already seen the capture of four members of the group, responsible for logistical support for fundamentalists in Diyala. The maneuvers in the region, however, are still ongoing and could soon lead to important developments, as announced by the authorities of the Middle Eastern country.

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