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Iraq, the ISF carry out a surprise anti-ISIS operation in Anbar

The ISF have carried out a surprise operation against Isis in Anbar. The maneuvers, which were of a preventive nature, took place north of Rawa. The assessment is about ten militiamen of the Islamic State killed

ISF surprise operation against Isis in Anbar. The Iraqi military carried out a series of blitz in the northern area of ​​Rawa, killing a dozen Islamic State militiamen. The maneuvers have been defined by the Iraqi military as “preventive in nature”. Probably the jihadists were part of a group that had recently infiltrated from Syria and tried to move to Baghdad or other cities in the east to launch attacks or reinforce Daesh ranks. Hence the need to hit them in advance, before they could operate or disappear in the Middle Eastern country, thanks to facilitators. There are no official confirmations, but it seems that the offensive has not completely closed. The soldiers, in fact, remained in the quadrant, even though they moved to other locations.

Anti Daesh raid also at Nineveh. From Mosul to the island of Hawi Aslan

In parallel, five other ISIS members were arrested in Mosul. The ISF commandos, thanks to intelligence information, carried out a blitz in four districts of the former capital of the Islamic State in Iraq (al-Shaimaa, al-Quds, al-Qadisiyyah and al-Maa’mon), dismantling the cell. Three elements were part of the Diwan Jund. The others, however, had different roles. According to the security forces, the Daesh group was responsible for several attacks in the city. Finally, in the northern area of ​​Nineveh province, two IS terrorists were killed by ISF on the island of Hawi Aslan on the Tigris. Together with them there were two other IS elements, arrested during a targeted raid. Meanwhile, preparations continue for the sixth phase of Operation Victory Will. At the moment, however, there is maximum reserve on the area where the maneuvers will be held and on the forces that will participate.

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