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Iraq: the ISF capture an ISIS leader, deputy of al-Baghdadi

The ISF in Kirkuk have captured Abu Khaldun. The man, a relative of al-Baghdadi and high ISIS commander, was hiding in Hawija under the name of Sha’alan Obeid

The ISF in Iraq have captured one of the right arms of the self-proclaimed ISIS Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in Kirkuk. The man, identified as Abu Khaldun, called himself Sha’alan Obeid and was one of the deputies of the leader of the Islamic State. In Kirkuk he was considered a prominent figure and was an emir in Salahuddin, where he led the militia “military police”. He was arrested in Yaki Adar, near Hawija. The Daesh commander disguised with civilians to avoid detection, but the Falcon Cell of the Baghdad security forces had been monitoring him for some time. As soon as his true identity was confirmed, the raid took place in an apartment in the 1st March neighborhood. Inside the house were also found several documents, judged of great interest by Iraqi intelligence, which will allow to acquire further elements on how IS is organized.

Meanwhile, PMF are attacking the Islamic State in Diyala and Nineveh. Objective: to eliminate Daesh cells near the borders with Iran and Syria

Meanwhile, operations are underway in Diyala and Nineveh to dismantle some ISIS cells. In the first province, the PMF are on the hunt for a group of Islamic State militiamen, responsible for several attacks against both the ISF and the population, which is hiding near the Iranian border. In the second, instead, Shiite paramilitary militias carried out preventive maneuvers near the border with Syria, cleaning four villages. These, in fact, were used by Daesh jihadists to attack Iraqi security forces. Meanwhile, the terrorists have increased their activities in Anbar. In the past few hours the military base of Ain Al-Assad has been targeted by several rockets, some of which fell within the structure. Fortunately, there are no casualties but only minor damages.

Photo Credits: Iraqi Media Cell

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