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Iraq, the Inherent Resolve and ISF anti-Isis cooperation has not stopped

Colonel Caggins: Inherent Resolve has not stopped anti-ISIS cooperation with the ISF in Iraq. The operations and pressing against the Islamic State are planned together

Inherent Resolve has not stopped helping ISF in Iraq in the war against Isis. The spokesman for the International Coalition, Colonel Myles B. Caggins II confirmed this in an interview with Rudaw. The multinational force, in fact, “is committed to partnering with local security forces to maintain pressure on the cells of the Islamic State, as well as to help them train and improve”. In further confirmation, the official stressed that “we have operations centers with Iraqis in Baghdad, Anbar, Salahuddin and other provinces”. Here “side by side we discuss the security situation and the operations against Daesh”. Caggins also added that there are some areas where local soldiers “have not requested our assistance, but we are happy to see that they continue to keep pressing on IS”.

Coalition spokesman. The goal is to inhibit Daesh’s capabilities. Especially in the areas between Kirkuk, Diyala, Anbar and Nineveh. Here the jihadists try to regroup and finance themselves

In fact, therefore, the Inherent Resolve-ISF anti ISIS cooperation has not stopped. It has only been remodeled, freezing the kinetic phase for the moment. Indeed, in the area of ​​planning operations against the Islamic State, cooperation is proceeding at full speed. In particular, towards the Daesh “hot beds” in Iraq. These are mainly concentrated in Kirkuk, Diyala, Anbar and Nineveh. “People living in cities like Khanaqin, Qara Tapa and Miqdadiya know that IS is still a threat in the area,” confirmed Caggins. Here the militiamen, in addition to increasing the attacks, are looking for sources of funding. As a result, they carry out extortion and theft, even by organizing false checkpoints. Not surprisingly, the Coalition and local soldiers are chasing – among other things – their logistics and support networks. “We focus on the threat and capabilities” of the terrorists, the spokesman concluded.

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