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Iraq, the fourth phase of Victory Will clears the Isis leadership in Anbar

The fourth phase of the anti-ISIS operation, Victory Will, ends in Iraq. The ISF have cleared the area of ​​Anbar on the border with Syria, forced the Islamic State’s resistance bag to pocket back to the East and have annihilated the militia leadership in the province

The ISF have successfully completed the fourth phase of Operation Victory Will against Isis. Local security forces cleared the western area of ​​Anbar province on the border between Iraq and Syria from the presence of Islamic State jihadists. At the same time, they forced the large Daesh resistance pocket in the area to fall back eastward into the Middle Eastern country. During the maneuvers, around twenty militiamen lost their lives and another fifteen were arrested. In addition, IS leaders in the province were killed during targeted attacks. Among them is Ahmad Hamed Hussein (aka Abu Muslim), governor of Western Wilayat; Abu Anas, the “Emir of the Desert of Anbar”, and Abu Waqqas, the head of the media sector in the province. Moreover, there may be others. In fact, many of the bodies found by the ISF after the strikes were unrecognizable due to their injuries.

ISF capture in Mosul Daesh militiaman, protagonist of the 2014 IS propaganda while destroying archaeological artefacts and monuments in the city museum. Meanwhile, minor maneuvers continue in the country, hunting for jihadist cells

Parallel to Victory Will, the ISF also hit ISIS in other areas of Iraq. The Islamic State militiaman, which appeared in the 2014 propaganda video that toured the world while destroying archaeological artefacts and monuments in the Mosul museum, was captured in the city. Furthermore, three human organ traffickers connected to Daesh were arrested in Sulaymaniyah. Meanwhile, there have been minor operations in Diyala and Kirkuk. Here Baghdad troops destroyed two IS bases, one in Hashisha and the other in al-Nawafla, also dismantling a jihadist weapons depot. Objective of the maneuvers: to locate and neutralize the terrorist cells, before they carry out attacks against the military and the population.

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