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Iraq, the circle tightens on who attacked the Inherent Resolve base in Erbil

The circle is tightening on who attacked the Inherent Resolve base in Erbil last month. One commando member was captured in Kurdistan and another in the west

The circle is beginning to tighten in Iraq against those responsible for last month’s attacks in Erbil against an Inherent Resolve base, which resulted in the death of an Iraqi contractor and civilian. Kurdistan’s counter-terrorism forces arrested one of the commando members who fired several rockets at the international airport. The man, identified as Haider Hamza Abbas Mustafa Bayati, confessed that the group of bombers was made up of four elements. Not surprisingly, Baghdad intelligence managed to track down and capture another jihadist shortly after. For security reasons, no further details were provided on the identities of the militiamen still fugitives or who the mandate for the attack is. This is because an operation is underway throughout the Middle Eastern country to dismantle the cell. The only certain element, however, is that it is not the work of the Islamic State.

The ISF and the Peshmerga cooperate to stop the militias operational before the Pope’s visit

The manhunt has intensified throughout Iraq, especially in recent days. This is due both to the repetition of similar episodes against Inherent Resolve bases (the latest one just happened in Al Asad) and to the imminent visit of Pope Francis to Iraq. The Holy Father should arrive in Baghdad today. He then he will move to Najaf to meet Imam Ali al-Sistani and finally he will be in Erbil, where he will celebrate a great mass with local Christians. Following his mission, all security measures have been strengthened and intelligence is working overtime to track down any possible threats. What worries most are not the jihadists of the Islamic State, but the pro-Iran Shiite militias who want to fuel chaos and internal divisions. As a result, ISF and Peshmerga are cooperating and accelerating the raids to inhibit operational cells. Then, it will pass to the principals.

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