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Iraq, the bookseller who “graduated” the Isis jihadists captured

Abu Hassan al-Ansari is the Mosul’s bookseller who has “graduated” over 2,000 Isis militiamen

His name is Abu Hassan al-Ansari and he is one of the most dangerous ISIS terrorists recently captured by the ISF. The man has already been brought before the Nineveh Tribunal, where he confessed to being responsible for managing the largest camps in the Middle Eastern country, where training courses were organized for new members of the Islamic State. After a brief training and twenty exercises, students of different ages (including the so-called “Cubs of the Caliphate”) could become fighters. Al-Ansari, 39 years old graduated from a technical institute, worked for years in a bookstore in Mosul on al-Nujaifi street, also called the “libraries street”. An avid reader of religious texts, he was influenced by Salafist thought. In a short time he climbed the Daesh hierarchy, from a book seller to an official who “graduated” over 2,000 militiamen.

The climb of the jihadist within the Islamic State. From a simple element for the construction of propaganda to the management of camps and the training of recruits

The role of the “bookseller” within Isis initially was within the branch that dealt with propaganda and radicalization. Al-Ansari, in fact, photographed the Islamic State’s operations against Iraqi security forces, documenting the terrorist attacks in mosques and markets and emphasizing the traps in which the soldiers of Baghdad fell. Subsequently, he was responsible for a Daesh magazine that contained educational topics on the legitimacy of Sharia. The “bookseller-professor” in a second phase then managed the training of young IS recruits through a series of training steps, including a course on the use of weapons of various types and exercises that lasted a maximum of one month. At the end of the military training course, he lectured on Sharia issues imparted by Wali speaking of purity, prayer and unification. This up to the final examination of the aspirants, preparatory for being deployed on the field.

Al-Ansari was also a planner and Daesh commander in the field. He himself confessed that he organized among the most important operations against the ISF before his escape to Syria and Turkey

Al-Ansari, however, was not just an ISIS “professor” or propaganda expert. But also a planner and field commander. He confessed it to the Nineveh Court himself, confirming that he had organized some of the most important operations against the ISF. At some point, however, the jihadist left Iraq in a hurry to settle first in Syria and then in Turkey. At the root of the escape, there seem to have been death threats received by a rival Islamic State group, very close to the self-proclaimed Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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