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Iraq-Syria, ISF send reinforcements to block ISIS infiltrations on the border

The ISF send reinforcements to Sinjar to block the infiltration of ISIS militiamen from Syria. They are above all the jihadists of the Islamic State, who fled the SDF camps

The ISF have sent reinforcements to Iraq’s western borders with Syria to block the influx of Isis jihadists. According to various sources, several family members of Islamic State militiamen have infiltrated Sinjar district (Nineveh). Furthermore, it seems that arrivals could increase soon. It is no coincidence that the Baghdad Ministry of Defense announced that the commander of the joint forces of the province, General Numan Zubaay, has put his men in a state of maximum alert, telling them to be prepared for any sudden situation. Objective: to stop any attempt to infiltrate Daesh elements, which are trying to exploit bad weather conditions to enter Iraq. These are mainly people who have fled the SDF camps – including Al-Hol -, aided by a logistical and support network that takes care of making them pass across the border. This is confirmed by some arrests made by the ISF in the last few days.

Daesh has long sought to create safe corridors between Syria, where the pressure is greatest, and Iraq. It is no coincidence that attacks on border checkpoints have increased. ISF react by chasing the IS logistics and support network

ISIS has long sought to create safe transit corridors between Syria and Iraq. In the last few days, however, this activity has intensified. Not surprisingly, there were attacks by the Islamic State only on January 14 against four border checkpoints. The reason is that in the first country Daesh is undergoing strong pressure from the SDF and Inherent Resolve. In the second, however, thanks to the internal and external crisis, it eased. The ISF, however, are running for cover with a series of targeted operations against the logistics and support network, which have already led to the arrest of several prominent people. In addition, some of them confessed, providing valuable information to continue the maneuvers. Dismantling it, in fact, is imperative as not only will the infiltration of terrorists be blocked. But their operational capacity will also be reduced.


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