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Iraq-Syria, ISF and SDF intensify the hunt for ISIS cells

The ISF have neutralized several Isis cells in Nineveh, Kirkuk, Anbar and Mosul. Furthermore, they continue the offensive against the Islamic Islamic West’s pocket

The hunt for ISIS cells in Iraq and Syria continues. In the first country the ISF raided a building in Kirkuk, which housed an Islamic State group. Inside, in addition to some militiamen, military uniforms, communications equipment, weapons and materials for making ordnance were found. Furthermore, in Nineveh they killed a bunch of jihadists and blown up seven tunnels, used to hide and move in the shadows. Finally, in the Old City in Mosul, two Daesh fundamentalists have been eliminated, one of whom was ready to blow himself up. The two men were intercepted near the Great Al-Nuri Mosque. In parallel, an operation is underway in the province and nearby Anbar to eliminate the large IS pocket in the desert, near the border with Syria. In recent hours, Iraqi forces have advanced further, reducing terrorists maneuvering areas by several kilometers.

In Syria the SDF dismantle a group of Daesh jihadists in al-Jaradi and Tiyana. In addition, they reinforce vigilance along the Shaddadi Road in Deir Ezzor to prevent infiltration from the Euphrates

In Syria, the SDF have just dismantled an entire Isis jihadist cell in the villages of al-Jaradi and Tiyana in Deir Ezzor. The troops of Jazeera Storm, following indications provided by the local population, carried out the blitzes. The militiamen of the Islamic State, in fact, were responsible for acts of vandalism and intimidation against the inhabitants of the area. These, however, unlike the past, did not endure in silence. But they immediately went to the Arab-Kurd forces to denounce the terrorists and demand that they be stopped. Also, patrols continue along the Shaddadi Road. The goal is to immediately block the Daesh groups that infiltrate the Euphrates, before they manage to hide among the population and carry out attacks. The SDF have further tightened the meshes, reinforcing the units that deal with patrolling and increasing the numbers.

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