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Iraq-Syria, hidden Coronavirus outbreak among Isis and pro-Iran militia

There is a probable hidden Coronavirus outbreak between Iraq and Syria. Analysts speculate between 50 and 150 cases among pro-Iran and ISIS militiamen. The greatest concentration is in Deir Ezzor

Between Syria and Iraq there is a probable hidden Coronavirus outbreak. Several analysts are convinced of this, according to which between the two nations there are between 50 and 150 probable cases of COVID-19, not counted by official statistics. These are allegedly pro-Iranian militants and Isis jihadists, infected for several reasons. These are mainly found in the Deir Ezzor area. The first in the bases on the western banks of the Euphrates. Members of the Islamic State, however, are further east, within and towards the southern borders of Abu Khamal. Not surprisingly, the Qaim crossing is carefully monitored. Both from Baghdad and international intelligence. Any contagions from New China Virus, even among the local population, in fact, would confirm the fears.

The COVID-19 epidemic is likely to extend further. Both for lack of structures and “culture”. Furthermore, Daesh jihadists cannot seek treatment, having used the New China Virus as a propaganda weapon

The probable Coronavirus outbreak, however, is likely to extend further into Syria and Iraq. Not only between Isis and the pro-Iran militiamen, but also among the inhabitants of the quadrant. In the area, the hygienic conditions are poor, there are no adequate health facilities for COVID-19 cases and civilians for lack of money, often prefer to take care “at home” and not go to the doctor. Furthermore, Islamic State jihadists cannot go to hospitals and hardly have access to medicines. This is without counting that Daesh used the virus for its propaganda, stating that “it is the punishment of Allah against the infidels” and citing Sura 27 of the Koran, the An-Naml (the ants), to confirm. Therefore, it would be inadmissible to seek medical treatment, as this would bring down the whole thesis. This situation, however, could trigger a ticking time bomb, the effects of which would be uncontrollable.

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