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Iraq-Syria, black day for Isis that loses two leaders and many militants

Isis in Iraq loses two leaders and many militiamen, thanks to a series of operations by the ISF and the Global Coalition between Anbar and Diyala

Black day for Isis in Iraq and Syria. The Islamic State lost some leaders and numerous jihadists in a single day. Furthermore, some militia transit routes between the two countries and a tunnel network in Anbar were destroyed. The killed commander is Abdullah Farhan, alias Abu Muaallam al-Iraq. The man was called the emir Daesh of Al-Jazeera’s Wilayat. The Baghdad fighters found him and eliminated him while hiding on the border with his bodyguards. Also in the same province, International Coalition planes attacked an area in the al-Dulab desert where a large group of fundamentalists had gathered, causing deaths and injuries to each other. Finally, local intelligence captured the IS chief in Rashidiyah in Diyala.

The population in the north east of Syria begins to return home, thanks to the maneuvers of the SDF to eliminate the Daesh cells. The first 800 people have already left the al-Hol camp and many others are preparing to do

Meanwhile, in Syria the SDF continue the hunt for Isis cells on the Shaddaday Road along the Euphrates. The big operation in progress, which in a short time led to the arrest of over a hundred Islamic State militiamen, has significantly improved security throughout the north-east of the country. In fact, the displaced, housed in the al-Hol camp, are beginning to return to their homes. The first 800 people returned to their homes in Raqqa and Tabqa. Now he is also starting to work on Deir Ezzor. The threat of the Islamic State is still present in the area, but the population feels safe thanks to the robust security mechanism set by Jazeera Storm. Furthermore, the continuous arrests of infiltrated Daesh militiamen reinforce this feeling and the desire to go back home prevails.

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