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Iraq, pro-Iran militias plan an attack in the Green Zone on New Year’s Eve

The Iraqi intelligence: Pro-Iran militias plan an attack in the Green Zone on New Year’s Eve. The target could be the US embassy, ​​alert at the highest levels

Pro-Iran militias in Iraq are planning an attack in the Green Zone and probably against the US embassy in Baghdad for New Year’s eve. This is the alarm launched by local intelligence, according to which there are signs of the transfer of Grad rocket launchers to the neighborhood of al-Maamel. As a result, the alert was raised to the highest levels. Especially after the attack on the diplomatic headquarters last week, considered the most violent in years. But in the Green Zone there is not only the embassy. In fact, several government buildings are at risk. Following this, the action of the Falcon Cell, the 007 group that operates by infiltrating the ranks of the Isis jihadists or militias, has been enhanced.

Meanwhile, an internal war has broken out between the Shiite groups. This is confirmed by the recent murders of commanders of various formations, including those close to al-Sadr

Meanwhile, a sort of internal war for weight and leadership in the Middle Eastern country has broken out among the pro-Iran groups in Iraq. This is confirmed by the recent series of mysterious murders of senior commanders of various opposed militias. The last to lose his life was Rami al-Shabani, leader of the “Peace Brigade” (Saraya Salam), affiliated with Hashd al-Shaabi. The man, killed in Diwaniyah by unknown persons, was also close to Moqtada al-Sadr, the Shiite imam who heads the Mahdi Army. This, while being against the “occupation” of Iraq by the United States, had ordered his men not to attack American targets in the nation. The fighting formations are the most extremist ones and the “wait-and-see” ones. The former want to “punish” the enemy with weapons, while the latter believe it to be a mistake. This is because you risk attracting too much attention and becoming a target.

In the midst of internal conflict, there are “spontaneous groups”. False militias formed by criminals, veterans and former Isis jihadists, who attack the civilian logistic convoys of Inherent Resolve. Objective: to maintain pressure on the “enemy”, threatening to raise the bar

In the midst of this internal war between pro-Iran militias in Iraq are the so-called “spontaneous groups”. They are small formations, which periodically adopt new acronyms to justify targeted attacks against Inherent Resolve and the United States. These, in fact, have been hitting civilian logistic convoys on an almost daily basis for months already. They are made up of criminals, veterans and former Isis jihadists. They are believed to be coordinated and financed by Iranian agents, who show them the targets to hit. The goal is to create disturbing actions to maintain pressure on the “enemy”, under the constant threat of raising the bar. The groups, however, have also been used several times to claim attacks on the American embassy or targets in the Green Zone.

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