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Iraq, Peshmerga and Inherent Resolve attack former ISIS networks in Garmyan

Peshmerga and Inherent Resolve attack former ISIS networks in Garmyan. Joint operation to dismantle the Islamic State logistical structure in the area. IS jihadists flee instead of fighting

The Peshmerga and Inherent Resolve target Islamic State militiamen in Garmyan, near Dyiala. In the past few hours, Kurdish and Coalition special forces have carried out some targeted raids on Ghara, Balaga and Qum Palk. Objective: to neutralize the support network for former ISIS jihadists in the area. The maneuvers, which took place without clashes as the terrorists fled without fighting, made it possible to discover and destroy various depots of weapons, ammunition and explosives. Also found some hideouts and underground tunnel networks, used by fundamentalists to move without running the risk of being detected by enemies and sheltered from bombing. The operation, however, took place in full coordination with the Iraqi ISF. This is thanks to the Joint Centers, established in May in different quadrants of the Middle Eastern country between Erbil and Baghdad.

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